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me in surprise, and then said to me: “Take it to Takama and let her handle it. Until then, don’t bother me, I’ll be in before dinner, help you put out the deployment Snowfall ink, 南京桑拿按摩网 inform the team this afternoon to rest for a long time, I need some time to test the potency of these dragon blood grass, as you will also come and help me! ” ”

good Come on!” An ominous premonition enveloped my heart. Although I had a bitter face, I agreed without hesitation.

soon , Keep burying her head on the table, Qige slowly raised her head, a hint of intriguing smile floated on her beautiful 南京桑拿会所 face, her clear eyes flashed like Weiyang Lake with a gleam of light, the one at the bottom of her neck The ruby ??was shining brightly, she gently lifted the scattered blue silk behind her ears, took a serious look at me, and said softly: “Fool!”

At this time, I opened her tent curtain. Turned around and walked out.

205. sway in the wind and rain in the city

recently these Tianqige’s mood is very good, and the corners of her mouth will always raise a smile unconsciously. Her potent troll power potion is finally successfully developed, 南京桑拿楼凤网 and it seems that the effect is pretty good. It seems that this potion is actually the lion king An enhanced version of the potion, but it allows the user to have more powerful power.

I tried to take a potion of powerful troll power, and realized the feeling of 南京夜生活论坛 being dominated by power. It was like an inexhaustible power in my body. It gave me the illusion that I could kick it down with one kick. A big tree.

After the potion was successfully formulated, Qige began to find ways to improve it. However, it is clear that Qige still retains the last trace of rationality. Although he continues to experiment, due to the high price of these rare dracaenas, Qige every time Experiments seem to be extremely careful, and those dracaenas will always be used after numerous theoretical demonstrations.

Every night, I hide in the tent and draw ice magic scrolls. Because of the falling snow ink, I c