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to humans.

But according to the words of the Wolf King at the banquet, Tyra is the real world of death, and the surface scenery has been decayed for a long time. The threat here does not come from the tentacle sea monsters deep in the sea, nor the machete wielding. Green skin, but from human beings.


“The’human elites’ that came out of the 10,000 planets of the empire gather here. They are the most ruthless, the most damned, and the most rogue. You will know when you go.” At

the edge of the solar system, the small red court battleship jumped out. Subspace, under the guidance of Xing Torch, successfully reached the heart of the human empire.

The first thing Su Ming saw was the entire galaxy armed to the teeth. Hundreds of thousands of various battlestars shielded the star field as if they were ready to fight at any time.

And the giant fortress named Mountain Array is on the track closest to Terra.

The nun took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled: “I have never been so thrilled when I arrive at Tyra. I have been to the Palace of the National Church and visited other fighting congregations, 南京桑拿楼凤网but now I think of those sisters who want to do it.

Damn me, I feel ” She didn’t finish her words, just replaced it with a toothy expression.

“Are there any slender girls with longer legs and bigger breasts among the fighting nuns?” Wade suddenly interjected, and the eyes on the mask turned into crescent shapes.

The nun glanced at him, and she couldn’t get serious anymore at the interruption, and 南京夜生活spa论坛 said angrily: “No, only someone who is taller and stronger than me.”

“Ah.” Dead waiter stopped.

“I’m afraid we can’t directly land in the inner political area. It would be even more helpful to go to the court to stop.” Su Ming looked at the earth in the distance. The palace is the very conspicuous black nest. It occupies almost the entire northern hemisphere and is completely urbanized. The planet looks 南京龙凤网 ocher at this time: “Do you think that the 700 billion residents of Terra have been kidnapped as hos