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m out, they will always be young plants in the greenhouse. As for the field experience held every year in the academy, they are only in Egypt. Look at the suburbs of Erzhen, what else can there be besides these orchards full of golden apple trees? There is not even a decent beast. What can you expect these students to learn? Take them out this time. It’s just to perform some simple tasks on the outermost periphery. Now that battlefield has gathered at least nearly 200,000 human troops. Among them, the elite troops of the Northern Wind Cavalry Regiment are also gathered there. The senior officials in the courtyard just want These children experience the atmosphere of the battlefield. They have no chance to face the 南京桑拿会所 barbarians alone!”

I sighed in my heart: This is another meaningless training. This is also the difference between the human empire and the orc tribe. Every child in the orc tribe will be the first time in the true sense at the age of seven or eight. When they go out hunting, they will go to the depths of the wasteland to hunt the ordinary wild wolves with their father 南京龙凤论坛 or elder brother. When they are teenagers, they will try to independently enter the wasteland to hunt with some friends. These are things that human children will never be able to do. In fact, when they are fourteen or five years old, they already have some fighting skills and have learned a lot of knowledge about survival in the wild, but they still can’t stand alone in the wild. survive.

“Let’s go, go with me to meet those ferocious savages, this is 南京桑拿会所网 also a very rare opportunity!” Liont said to me.

In Lion’s eyes, being able to meet these savages from the icy tundra before graduation is a very rare treasure for these students. Liont even subconsciously thought that this time I was out on a trip and had great luck. I didn’t meet those savages before I could return safely.

He actually didn’t know. I had been 南京夜生活spa论坛 dealing with those savages for several nights, and I had a simple understanding of their habits. And Lione want