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ouds can be seen everywhere on the planet, which makes people feel weird.

Look at the smirk on that statue. What kind of brain-dead would treat such a fool as a god? Even if these people have been brainwashed by Darkside, they should be able to feel the strong contrast and wake up, right?

It’s like having a nightmare and dreaming that I

am being chased by the triangular head and faceless nurses in the alley, but a happy goat suddenly pops up around me to sing, dance, and RAP will wake up because I feel something is wrong even in my dream. Right?

But there are intelligent creatures here, and 南京夜生活spa论坛 the intelligence is lost.

The death knell is hidden in the chaotic bottom alleys of the city. Exhaust gas and waste water fill every place here. There is no sunshine and no hope. The people here are different from the people on the upper road. They are like walking dead.

The strangulation ate a hapless person who passed by.

“Well, that’s the case. In the past, every resident 南京桑拿会所 relied on access to the network to provide Brenjak with computing power in exchange for material life?” Su Ming leaned against the cold metal wall, dripping waste water on his On the shoulder: “Now they worship steel bones, and steel bones are receiving their contributions in the network and converting them into the energy of the universe.”

Collect scattered data and characters to do more specific things , And at the same time give back to the residents here a variety of virtual emotions, such as happiness, satiety, excitement, and so on.

This is a complex and multi-stage conversion process, from emptiness and misty signals into objective sensory inputs, such as light, sound, touch and smell, etc. These subjectively have personally meaningful experiences.

“The previous steel frame can’t do this kind of thing. It seems 南京桑拿会所网 that it is his new ability. It is the ability that Daxide gave him.” Su Ming walked in the dark alley and thought, he became a local resident. The appearance is not conspicuous at all: “This process is a bit fa