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s Royal Highness Prince Charlie? If your words fall into the ears of these big men, investigate the one above your house. I can’t protect you.”

The bearded young noble also nodded and said: “I also heard our old man talk about this. Originally, the Mo clan wanted to march into the Luoqi plane together with the Southern Wind Corps. In the end, I didn’t know how to do it, and in the end I went directly to the Ahn’Qiraj plane.” As

soon as the topic opened, other young people interrupted one after another. Everyone gathered on the stone steps, but no one came to us.

Count Lionel Falconer said: “In fact, there are also some other factors in it. If it weren’t for His Royal 南京桑拿会所网 Highness Prince Charles to lead the Royal Constructed Knights into the Angela multiplane, the Mithril market on the Green Empire would probably It won’t stabilize so quickly.” At

this time, someone in the crowd said, “Hey, the door of the council hall is open. Let’s go quickly. When the big people behind arrive, we will inevitably have to salute them. ”

We looked up, and it turned out that the parliamentarians holding golden scepters walked to the gate of the parliament hall, and the door was pushed aside from the inside. After the parliamentarians stepped in, the gate of the parliament hall did not follow. Instead, some guards walked out of the assembly hall and stood in front of the gate.

The guards in the imperial capital like to wear metal armor. This is somewhat different from our northerners. Most of the guards in El City wear light leather armor and put on a coat of fur on the outside. It is very thick, but it will not affect the flexibility of the body. The guards of the imperial capital wear a metal armor in winter, and they must have thick warm clothing inside, so that they look like robots when they walk. .

Among these young aristocratic groups, some young aristocrats are very curious 南京龙凤网 about me, because Zac brought me into this circle before, so the topic will also be expanded here.

The young nobleman with