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l’s words, “Hey hey hey assured, yin and yang ring is a good thing, magical infinite, I look at their grandfathers and friendship, just send this to them, most people I do not give it .` ‘

‘ he It’s not my friend.” Feng Bujue shrugged, “but I don’t think this prize contains any maliciousness.”

“Yeah,” Xiao sighed again at this time, “Actually, I did buy a wedding ring recently. I planned, but at this moment, a stranger got a pair of weird rings. I always felt”

“I feel like he’s a little nosy.” Xiao Ling continued his words.

“Is that right” said Ge Ge, “I think this is also good. Anyway, judging from the wealthy family background of the two, I will definitely not buy ready-made rings. 80% of them are going to order two unique ones. , Expensive stuff. Right now someone will directly send you a pair of magic weapons, which is completely in line with the unique and priceless characteristics, and it has helped 江苏桑拿论坛 you save a lot of things.”

“You have recently started to study the materials for cultivation. Is it still a magic weapon?” Hearing these few sentences, An Yueqin, who didn’t know the truth, took the opportunity to spit out Brother Jue, “Speaking of which your round of submission date is approaching, you have a number in your heart. When the time comes. If you can’t hand it in,”

the editor hasn’t urged Jue’s 南京夜生活论坛 manuscript for a long time. The main reason was the matter between Jue and Ruoyu a while ago. However, there is no such problem now.

“Calm down, I know.” Feng Unconsciously, he didn’t say anything to death, because he was really busy these days, and he was not in the mood when he was free. When I was in the mood, I had no time to unknowingly but it was close to the death line. Seriously, he didn’t know if he could hand it over at that time, but there was still a mysterious calm

“Eh~ that’s right!” A second later Facing An Yueqin’s suspicious eyes, Jue brother quickly changed the subject, “Did the company say that before s2 it would use the competition to promote me? How is thi