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At this time, Aoshutu just stood calmly in the void, wearing a white gauze skirt, her crown and skirt with large white feathers, which looked dignified and beautiful.

The realm of order she opened up protected Su Ming, preventing him from turning into a cake in the aftermath of the fight between Agomoto and Fatalis.

But she didn’t care what game Hogars was playing with the human spokesperson. Her gaze spanned the void, staring into the dark distance, her hairy white eyelashes and eyebrows, 南京桑拿夜网 shaking from time to time.

The bird family members of the city of Sephiroth have already retreated under her silent order. This will soon become a battlefield. With a three-on-three fight, the originally divided third level will become More broken.

This kind of battle, even if a slightly weaker Demon God is involved, it will die on the spot, let alone a family member.

“Here.” A word came out 南京夜生活spa论坛 from her pale lips.

“Okay, next time I go to the earth to play with you.” Hoggs, who had collapsed on the sofa like a boneless bug, changed back to the body of a tiger’s head while speaking, and turned into a human body like a blown air. giant.

With his finger pointing out, the space formed a wormhole, and the opposite of the wormhole was Kama Taj’s Buddhist temple.

He was asking Su Ming to return to Earth to wait for the news. Anyway, the result is doomed. The arrival of Emperor Weishan means that they have recognized the chosen future. The timeline has taken shape, and it makes little difference whether there is a death knell here.

Because the sofa suddenly disappeared, Su Ming shook in mid-air. He held his arm: “Since you already know that I won’t be going, why bother to try?”

“Hehe, just want 南京桑拿会所 to see the timeline. It doesn’t matter how much the change is.” Tiger’s Hoggs was very relaxed, but when he cast his gaze in the direction Oshutu was looking at, his tone became a lot more serious: “Although your plan is very good, but afterwards I’m afraid your situation will be more difficult.”