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om of the sea, and waited for a while and picked it up to check what was recorded in it. This is how many creatures thought to be extinct were discovered on the 南京桑拿夜网 bottom of the sea.

And what is the difference between the unknown dimension for Dum today and the deep sea that makes humans unknown?

The only difference is that he may not be able to recycle these cameras, but only needs them to be able to transmit signals and images back.

Ordinary scientists are likely to be stuck at this step, and the Fantastic Four also stop here, because cross-dimensional communication is really a difficult problem, and the current quantum theory of the earth does not support that level of communication.

But Doctor Doom is different. When technology doesn’t work, he still has magic.

Like most sorcerers, Dum is also the demon god who is often contacted. Although he uses technology to crack magic and allows armor and masks to pay for the price, there is also a group of demons named Haazareth Three (Haazareth Three) for him. Provide transactions when necessary.

Hazares took away the soul of Dumu’s childhood playmate Valeria, in order to force Dumu to do something for them. They wanted the treasure of the first supreme mage-the “Orb of Agomoto”, one It is said that a magical treasure with a variety of incredible abilities.

At the same time, it is also the’backdoor 江苏桑拿论坛 key’ of Agomoto’s personal dimension, and mastering it can directly obtain the gift of’time’. What is this gift? No one knows, but this does not prevent many beings from rushing to it.

But that thing had been left somewhere, and Dumu couldn’t find it in a short time.

After recognizing the urgency of the three demons wanting it, Dr. Doom then threatened the three demons with his own life. If he wanted him to do things, he had to provide the strength to help him at the necessary moment.

It is a pity that the four of them are in negative space now, and Hazareth, as a special demon god who can’t even leave his hell, can’t provide strength assistan