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line barrel are just the secret goods that the two just fished out.

And this is only Smolensk, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, France and those infamous concentration camps to the west. I 南京夜网论坛 don’t know how many times more shocking than the tragedies that have happened here!

For the first time, Nanjing Longfeng felt that what he dug up was so chilling.

If the pistol that was traded to the Great Ivan a year ago that caused the Katyn tragedy was the executioner’s ghost knife, then these 9 gold bars are more like the dead bodies of countless souls!

Nanjing Longfeng is not a sentimental 南京楼凤论坛 person. Prior to this, he viewed the work of the earthmoving party more from the perspective of a businessman.

In his original cognition, regardless of the difference between the Germans and the Soviet Red Army, one represents justice and the other represents evil. They have nothing to do with him, and can only be counted as his business customers.

He used the land for security and these soldiers more than half a century ago to trade yellow and white things they could no longer use to improve their lives.

But now, these gold bars gave him the horror of participating in the historical process for the first time.

“This time, the golden arrow is more scary than the black arrow before.”

Nanjing Longfeng sighed and packed the gold bars into the sealed bag. No matter how the gold bars came from, let 南京夜生活论坛 alone how history was interpreted, there was only one truth that has never changed.

Gold will always be gold! Since the beginning of the precious metal currency system, this thing has never been clean.

I am just a small shrimp scrabbling in the soil. If I want to put it in the country, I will be a tomb thief who is sentenced or even shot if caught. What qualifications do I have? Just sell this big gold bar for money to buy meat to eat, buy wine and drink, why doesn’t it smell good?

The only thing he can do is to violate the bottom line of the Digger Party’s rules and return the two wealthy boys