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st be a mission record on Mars. I’ll ask someone to come over. Isn’t this information available? Haha!” “Well, when the information arrives, everyone will start together. No one is allowed to sneak away, for the emperor. !”

Su Ming smiled and nodded, with a warm-blooded look, as if he was impatient.

“Good brother! Your courage and glory made me excited, you @!# is a genius, wait, I will come.” The 南京龙凤论坛 giant strode away holding the wine barrel, echoing in the darkness outside the corridor The sound of his footsteps drifted away.

After the wolf master left, a figure walked in the darkness on the other side of the door. He squatted down and walked in. The red eyepiece under the hood glowed with red light:

“What are you trying to get information for?”

Chapter 1871 Secret exchange

“Priest? Please sit down.”

Su Ming smiled and asked the priest of Dark Angel to sit down and talk, although the stone bench was not ankle-high for the Star Warrior.

He always knew that the priest was hiding in the corridor outside. He smelled darkness because of the strangulation, and his conversation with the wolf was nothing shameful.

There is naturally another smart way to deal with smart people.

The style of dark angels is to “hide”. Their Gene Primogen Leon Johnson lacks a bat uniform. They act almost the same as Batman. They have plans in their hearts, but they never explain them. They bury their emotions and thoughts deeply in their hearts. .

The transfer of genes has caused his team members to be very similar to him, especially capable of sneaking.

Don’t ask how the half-ton power armor sneaks in, the 南京夜生活论坛 genetic seed’s bull beer is here, making the impossible possible.

Su Ming also knew that if he did not reveal some information that could be considered by the angels to be’secret’, the priest would not completely believe in himself. Perhaps Skeleton Face had already suspected that the missing person was killed by himself.

But the strangulation will not leave any evidence, and suspicion will not conv