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the open window, I could clearly see Seeing huge ice cubes in the corner of the restaurant, the ice cubes have melted to only half.

Opened half the door of the small restaurant, walked into the restaurant and said to the charming proprietress in the bar, “A vegetable and vegetable 南京夜生活论坛 risotto with vanilla egg soup.”

The vegetable and vegetable risotto here is very authentic and good at cooking. The owner likes to make risotto with some different kinds of fresh seasonal vegetables, so the risotto of vegetables and vegetables eaten by the diners every day is often different. There are various combinations of vegetables and vegetables, which will have different tastes and textures. I will After visiting here a few times, I fell in love with the style of this restaurant. Every time I come, I look forward to the taste of today’s vegetable risotto.

The prices of the dishes here are also very cheap, which makes people feel good value for money, so even if the restaurant does not have any courses on Sundays, the business here is not so deserted. I found a silver coin in my pocket and put it on the bar, but the lady boss frowned and patted the money jar, indicating that all the copper plates in it were exchanged, and there was no change to find.

When I was embarrassed, a little white hand stretched out beside me, and gave a stack of copper plates to the lady boss, and said to me in a sweet voice: “I thought you would celebrate. At 南京龙凤网 this time, how can you hide here? I

turned around and found Sophie standing by her side. It seemed that she had finished eating. I explained to her: “The dinner was cancelled due to a temporary change. I have to spend the night in the laboratory. Besides, the risotto here is very good. Eat, isn’t it?”

“It’s really delicious.” She smiled, then pointed to the restaurant’s door and said to me: “Then I’ll go first.”

She has a kind of alluring beauty, no matter what, she It’s like a pure daffodil. The back that turned and left has an indescribable loneliness against th