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t you a bystander?” Feng Bujue’s eyes became cold and sharp, and he said solemnly, “Where do you start with the word’responsibility’?” ”

These words made the diamond body fall silent. 南京桑拿会所网

At the same time, the building they were in was also beginning to changeEvery building block on the walls and floor was restlessly restless like a living thing.

“Heywhat’s going on in this atmosphere?” Xiao sighed in surprise, “you are a little too fast from having a good conversation to turning your faces”

“You told me the truth. Just to add some illusion in it.” Feng Bujue sneered and said to 江苏桑拿论坛 the diamond-shaped body: “But the more information I know, the more the doubts will become more prominent, so I can’t ignore”

Chapter 361 Toy Wars (14)

Feng Bujue didn’t care about the changes around him, and he said to himself: “When you declare that you have voted innocent for Billy and Alden, it seems to me I have already stated my position. ◎The Museum of Literature sneered, “The two guys were accused 南京桑拿会所of’spreading chaos’, but they were not injustice at all. It would be strange if they were found not guilty. “He shrugged, “Billy likes to’hold people up in play_a_game’, while Alden is’kill you if you don’t tell me ghost stories.’ As for Rabit and Bugs Bunnyhehe” The

prophet still didn’t respond, but the surrounding Lego bricks trembled more violently.

Feng Bujue speculated: “In my opinionit was in 南京桑拿楼凤网 court that day, except for the two rabbits. , You are not idle either. As an old friend of Rabit, you are obviously on his side. Your attitude towards the chaos camp is also the same. So” He flicked his arm and pointed at the rhombus, “There is only one truth! ”

Suddenly I said a famous line without any sense of

contradiction ” Xiao sighed and said with a twitching corner of his mouth. After the words just now, Brother Jue knew first: “You are the same as Rabit, you were taken into custody for contempt of court.” Got ithuh it’s just that your detention location and format are different from his. Rabit, Billy, and A