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On the smooth and clean surface, there was not even a trace of burning.


Aiwen stepped forward and looked at this weird thing. The ghost placed his hands on it, the tentacles were cold, and the flames just now seemed to be an illusion to it.


But in the next instant, as if stepping on the air and falling into the salty water, Ivan felt that 南京夜网 he was sinking rapidly, and he had fallen into the deep sea bottom in just a moment.

The boundless darkness enveloped him.

The mud on the bottom of the sea squirmed and covered him, suffocating, cold, and stench, and the countless negative feelings from the senses directly overwhelmed Ivan.

The flow of time suddenly accelerated, and countless barnacles, tube worms, bryozoans, mussels, seaweeds and other parasites grew crazily on him. Raising his hands, one crab claw that covered the carapace was turned into Countless unknown species of black seaweed.

The horror caused him to wake up for a moment, and suddenly saw a huge red exclamation mark in his vision, and the rapid prompt sound echoed in his ears.

“Mental state shift, alert! Alert!”

Instantly realizing that he was in an inexplicable 江苏桑拿论坛 illusion, Ivan worked hard to earn.


Chapter 37 Ocean Secret

Treasure After the sound of the bubbles being pierced, Ivan found that he had returned to the deck, kneeling on the ground, his chest was rising and breathing quickly, and it took a while to relieve from the suffocation that had just opened.

Shook his head and stood up, only to realize that only a moment later, and the sailors who were cleaning up the mess 南京桑拿楼凤网 next to him did not notice any abnormality in themselves.

Sitting on the deck, Ivan realized that there was a little more in his head. That was the inexplicable message that was passed on when he touched the statue.

“Extraordinary path: shipwreck to mourn the dead.”

“Level one: water ghost. Ceremony: 1. Personally sink at least one hundred humans representing the order side into the sea”

“Level II: Ship Binding Spir