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he block is blocked. Don’t stop~” As

he said, he slapped the card in his hand on the duel board.

“I special summon one of the three demon gods from my hand!” Along with Snow’s summoning declaration, a beautiful woman in ancient costume in a luxurious plum red cloak appeared in the arena. Standing in front of me.

Feng Bujue knew the special effects of this card even if he didn’t look at it, because it was a “God Card”; in the existing card pool, there were only four sets of God Cards, namely the “Heaven and Earth Dual Demons” and “Three Magic Cards”. “Demon God”南京夜生活论坛, “God Fighting Seven Stars” and “Anonymous King”.

In terms of strength, every group and every card in the God Card series is amazingly strong. However, according to “the harshness of the summoning conditions”, it is the easiest to gather the “two demons of heaven and earth”, followed by the “three demons and gods”, and so on.

I won’t

talk about the other sets of God Cards here, just say that the 南京桑拿会所网 one in front of me is the easiest one to summon among the “Three Demon Gods”. There are two ways to summon her.

The first, naturally, is the usual summoning, that is, the general summoning of “three sacrifices” like this by offering three sacrifices from the hand card is basically the standard configuration of the god card.

The second type is a special call: when the opponent has at least one monster with a male gender (must be male, asexual species or females are not acceptable) and has an attack power of 3000 or more, and the total number of cards and hands on our side If it is less than or equal to two, it can be summoned directly from the hand without sacrifice.

If Feng Bujue’s draw was considered a magical draw before, then Snow is a super-scheming draw before Yuzao in such a scene,

“Cut troublesome things on the court.” Feng Bujue looked at the attack and defense. It is a monster with “0”, but a glimmer of condensed color flashes in its eyes, and its mind has quickly analyzed what kind of tactics the opponent will use this car