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alling Professor Galkin who stayed at the radar station, it took less than ten minutes before and after. It is convenient for them to borrow a suitable laboratory to open the cabinet.

Let Nasha take Asak to drive to Tomsk to open the box, Nanjing Longfeng and others, together with the construction team, followed the Great Ivan to move into the temporarily closed church.

For Heixi Town, which has a small population, 南京桑拿网 this church really doesn’t need to be too big. It covers an area of ??less than two hundred square meters. If you plan out some insignificant annex buildings, the main building can be left with one. Hundred square meters is considered a cross.

“Lao Zhang, let’s put up the scaffold and safety net first, hang two more layers, don’t hit the people passing by or watching the show.”

“Then hang thick canvas directly .”

Lao Zhang, the skilled contractor, has nothing to do with him. Asked the reason, and directly greeted the workers around the whole church and began to build scaffolding.

“Where is the pastor here?” Nanjing Longfeng asked curiously. Walking along the way, the only thing that can breathe in the whole church is the old dog lying in the corner of the courtyard.

“I bought them a plane ticket to Moscow, and arranged for them to listen to the teachings of the archbishop.” Great Ivan winked his eyes. “I booked them a hotel for half a month. As long as nothing happens, they should not I’m back.”

“It’s nice to have money” Liu Xiaoye muttered silly.

“Has the history of this church been asked?” Nanjing Longfeng asked, turning his head.

“According to the pastor who was sent away by me, this 南京夜网 church has as long a history as Black Creek Town.”

The Great Ivan casually found a long chair to sit down, “but it underwent several reconstructions during the Soviet era. The most recent one was in 1966. The church was burned to ruins by a fire. The priest used it. It took two years to raise funds for the reconstruction of the church to

look like what it is today.”

Everyone s