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there is no other Legendary pinnacle or Tier 3 tricks, he won’t have time to make any reaction. Just triggering on his body and passive magic effects can ensure that he is Survived in the fission pile explosion and is not affected by the curse.

His hair seemed to be blown by the strong wind, it was unusually messy, and the red magic robe on his body was also full of folds. He looked like he had just experienced a catastrophe, but he didn’t notice it, and his attention was entirely on the possibility of the fission reactor. On the existing problems, the tone is slightly irritable and with strong doubts. According to my research in 南京桑拿楼凤网 the field of fission and the reverse cracking of the legendary magic of “atomic fission”, there should be no problems, such as what happened when an out-of-control explosion occurred. It is indeed a fission reaction!

“How many times?” Lucien took a breath of toothache, daring to feel that this was not the second time the fission reactor exploded out of control, but the third, fourth, even fifth, and sixth. “Probability” happened by coincidence-because it was not a “small probability” at all.

Until this time, Lucian really understood why the teacher rarely took himself to wait for students to do magic experiments, at most the relatively simple ones such as black body radiation. It turned out that following him to conduct magic experiments is such a dangerous thing! Not being a legend means that there will be no bones left at 南京桑拿会所网 any time.

Fernando frowned and said, “Several times are not the point, but the point is why, there is no contradiction between this and the magic model

of’atomic fission’ and the principle of fission.” Lucien thought for a while and said: “‘atomic fission’ is uncontrollable. Range-killing magic, and the reactor requires gentle and controllable, maybe the problem 南京龙凤网 lies in this aspect.”

“I’m so stupid, just copy the magic model of’atomic fission’ to arrange it?” Fernando said in a bad mood, “yourself. I have also seen our reactor model and detaile