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e Voldemort, etc., the shape of the symbiote needs to be modified.

But a few minutes later, a god-slayer Geer appeared in front of Monak.

He tried to move his mouth, revealing his mouth full of fangs enough to smash the cave fruit, and revealed a stubborn smile: “Go, Monak, I will take you to meet my wife and children?”

“Will you kill them?”

Monak sniffed, and when he saw the death knell pretending to be someone else, he knew that Geer’s family might not be 南京夜生活论坛 spared.

Su Ming tilted his head for a moment, and showed an unidentified expression: “Of course he is going to kill. Geer thinks they are his own wives and children, and the two special offspring split by the black sword also think that he is, but After all, they are symbiosis, do they still keep their cubs if they don’t kill them?”

Geer’s fake wife and children are special offspring split from Black 南京龙凤论坛 Sword, without any fighting power, but they were instilled false by Black Sword during the split. Memory, they don’t even know that they are symbiotic.

The mother and son don’t have any characteristics of symbiosis, such as self-healing ability, super smell or hearing, or deformation ability. They don’t have any at all. What’s more, Black Sword couldn’t see what they saw. After all, he didn’t want to see the scene of his son and Geer living a married life.

Instilling thought is one of the special skills of the Black Sword. It is learned from the process of forging it by Gnar. It can instill independent thought and specific knowledge into the offspring, so that the offspring can be used as soldiers, workers, or as soldiers as soon as they are born. Servant, they have mastered the corresponding skills, and they are 南京桑拿楼凤网 all black swords in their minds.

Of course, if it is the knowledge that Black Sword doesn’t have, it will naturally not be able to instill in its children, but it has devoured so many gods, and the power it has acquired is also terrifying, not to mention the amount of knowledge.

But the symbiote with a name and a surname