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Deadpool has been added to her mobile phone blacklist. Calls cannot be made, so she can only use the online information platform to send short messages to her, and she may not reply.

But when it comes to the question of inheritance, she still answers.

“In the shower, I want money.” The

answer is that simple and direct, full of her usual style.

“There is 南京桑拿夜网 money, shall we meet?” Wade typed.

“Heh.” The reply was onomatopoeia.

Wade took a deep breath, rolled his eyes, lowered his head and typed quickly: “I need you to do me a favor, help me tell the professor, I want to find someone.”

“I’m sleepy, I’m asleep.”

Answer the next second It was heard that the typing speed of the Negative Sonic Junior Warhead was beyond the reach of mortals.

Although there was no kaomoji or expression, Wade seemed to see her contemptuous eyes and ruthless little face.

“Oh, good night.”

Deadpool replied by typing subconsciously, but suddenly woke up and screamed after smashing the phone:

“Fak! She treated me like a licking dog! This dead boy! Calm down, I have to calm down. Think about PG13, no R18, no NC17, huh, huh,

gasping, and Wade 南京龙凤网 gritted his teeth still endured it.

“Is it a woman?”

asked Adu who was driving. He knew that Mr. Deadpool’s relationship between men and women was chaotic.

Wade sniffed and picked up the phone from the car carpet: “Yes, she had been in your car, and that time I went to save Vanessa. She and a guy with a silver egg went to help me. Sit in the back seat.”

“I remember that silvery brawny man who spoke with a Russian accent. Isn’t the other delicate 南京龙凤论坛 boy?”

Adu recalled, his neck moved like an Indian dance.

“Ghost TM knows that she is a man or a woman. I think she is a woman, but she said she is a man, and she still goes to the men’s bathroom.” Wade sighed and calmed down: “My cousin said her The sex is Hideyoshi, I think it’s really the third sex.”

“Couldn’t you kidnap her, put her in the basement and tie her to the wall with an iron chain, control her food source