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he mountains, a huge lake appeared on mine. In front of me, even under the twilight night, the lake still appeared sparkling, like a bright pearl dotted in the emerald green black forest.

This lake is the source of our creek. The flying dragon suddenly began to shake violently in the air. It wailed in the sky and quickly glided over to the lake.

The surrounding hillsides fell straight into the lake, and the reflection of the mountains was reflected on the lake. Only the south bank of the lake had a gentle green grassland, like a thick green blanket spreading on the sand.

In the end, the flying dragon staggered and landed on the grass by the lake. The original wound on the dragon wing I found reappeared, and it seemed that its body was stained with blood, and the huge spear still remained. 南京龙凤网 In its body, the wound that had healed as before was like illusion. At this time, it was lying on the grass, with its huge dragon head facing the gray dragon egg, with kind eyes in its eyes.

The dragon’s blood stayed on the grass and dyed the emerald green grass red. The dragon’s blood flowed into the clear lake and dyed the lake a faint red.

Le Die was lying on the grass by the shore, still unconscious, the dragon blood flowing on the grass soaked her white silk shirt.

I performed two hydrotherapy treatments on Ledie. Although she was in a coma, she was still in good condition, but she was in a self-protective coma. Her body was extremely recovering, and the wounds healed. The speed is very fast, after all, she is a strong knight.

Afterwards, I tried to treat this flying dragon with hydrotherapy. After all, it rescued us from the danger. I saw blood oozing from the dragon scales all over her body, the broken dragon wing hanging down, and the spear. It pierced through the inverted scale of its chest, and penetrated a piece of dragon scale from the back of its tail, revealing a sharp spear tip.

It’s just that my hydrotherapy technique is too weak for pointing at the giant flying dragon.

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