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ound square, it is better to leave the stones in the quarry.

The infrastructure work of Trum Town on the plane of Yero can begin, but the situation in Tanton City is so unstable that I am a little hesitant.

The magic engraving machine workshop is still processing metal magic pattern rune plates. Before returning from the imperial capital, I purchased a large number of ordinary copper plates in the blacksmith’s workshop in Duisburg North. I thought that these copper plates would be enough for a holiday in Ayr. The cost of the period, but now it seems that the preparations are not enough. Now the blacksmiths in the underground caves must be fully equipped to repair the scrap copper plates that have failed to process them around the clock to reprocess the 南京桑拿会所 talisman plates.

Bernd took hundreds of barbarian slaves to train in the Xinliu Valley Mountain Forest, and he didn’t know when he would return.

I said to Katerina: “Let’s go to Tanton City!”

I opened the portal to Tanton City Inn on the teleportation altar, and brought Luca and Caterina to Tanton City, Just Si also happened to be in the hotel room. There was a map of 南京桑拿楼凤网 Tanton City on the writing desk. He was holding a charcoal pen and making some simple marks on the map. He was excited to see us coming out of the portal. The ground said to me: “Jijia, you are not hunting barbarians in the north, why are you here at Hierro this time?”

262. Back,

“Are there any new trends in the infantry regiment stationed in Tanton City recently?” “I sat down on the chair by the writing desk and looked at the map of Tanton 南京龙凤网 City on the table with Justus. The map has been filled with words by Justus, and each area has some concise points. He is an expert in gathering intelligence information.

The rack in the hotel room was still too short for the tauren. Luca couldn’t stand up straight in the room, so he could only sit on the floor with his butt, but when he sat down, he moved a bit louder and made 南京桑拿按摩网 a dull noise. , A lot of dust fell from the gap in the ceil