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moment doesn’t know this, so his reaction is very simple,

“You ugly! Ambush me, right? Who’s afraid of whom!” He drew his fist and punched, and when he was frightened, he just used it. With an s-level 南京桑拿按摩网 skill, “Eat my Asura Bahuang Fist!” To be continued.

Chapter 1013 Dissatisfaction is to do it!

Asura’s intervention completely broke the possibility of peace talks between order and the mirror demon.

Although Mirror Magic hadn’t planned to let the group of people in front of him leave, the verbal negotiations more or less allowed the players to test out some intelligence.

Unfortunately, with the blast of an s-level skill, that assumption no longer exists.

Name: Asura Bahuang Fist Modification

Skill Card Attribute: Active Skill, Permanent Master

Skill Type: Fighting

&n[;Effect: Will self-physical energy value Converted into fist power, inflicting huge damage to the enemy (cooling time of one hour).

Consumption: 99% of the current physical value.

Learning 南京桑拿会所 condition: Fighting specialization.

Remarks: The ultimate fist technique created by a monk in another world and improved by the player Asura; The damage calculation formula is (the user’s basic attack power, current stamina factor + skill attack power). The multiplier of each related attribute

can be seen from the above skill description. In fact, there is a “change” after the move used by Asura, but he is in I didn’t report that word when I reported the name of the move.

Because he thinks it’s more cool now.

Of course, in fact, the name of this move should be Ashura Bahuang Fist Change.

Similar to Feng Bujue’s Spiritual Consciousness Gathering Technique, this skill is also changed and upgraded through continuous use and diligence of players. Similar examples include Fanyunlang Wanzhong where 南京桑拿楼凤网 the former corpse knife is king (Tired Menghuan), Li Ruoyu’s bipolar play and so on.

The original Asura Bahuang Fist is actually just a b-level skill. Although it is very powerful, it has two very obvious shortcomings:

First, the