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seconds, Ruoyu put the flashlight on the test bench and grabbed his waist.

this moment. The other teammates were a little stunned. They didn’t know the meaning and result of this. Anyway, with the size of the drain, it is impossible for a human head to pass through, let alone the torso.

Therefore, from a bystander’s point of view, Feng Bujue simply wanted to avenge Xiaotan and deliberately abused a wave of monsters, while Ruoyu seemed to want to help Brother Jue. No matter what he is doing. 南京夜生活spa论坛

To be reasonable, the result of their pulling like this is nothing more than torn off the monster’s arm. The question now is where is it broken? When will it be broken? And what event will be triggered after it is broken?

However, I never expected that a shocking scene would appear next.

After fifteen seconds of this cruel double-hand pulling action, only a strange noise was heard, and a peculiar substance with a diameter similar to that of the drain was pulled out of the sink.

That thing was about the same thickness as the monster’s outstretched arm, but it looked weird; to describe it. It’s like stuffing a living person into a piping bag (the kind used to decorate cakes with cream), and then squeezing it out of a piping opening smaller than the mouth of the bowl, and finally this noodle is squeezed 南京桑拿夜网 out Like a state.

Internal organs, flesh and bones. They were all mixed into a whole, and they were pulled out behind the arm, dragged a full five meters long, and were thrown on the ground.

When seeing this scene, everyone was silent mainly because this thing is so disgusting, it makes people nauseous just looking at it, let alone comment.

“Ha!” But. Feng Bujue must have said something, “The good 南京桑拿会所 news is that this monster should have been killed by us.” He paused, “The bad news is that he seems to be unable to provide us with any more information.”

“Always feel” Ruoyu helped him. Then he continued, “The nature of this monster is similar to the one we encountered at the entrance of the music classro