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t effectiveness, and able to fly. My husband is a senior officer in the imperial capital. However, he is unable to bear children because of his injuries. Now I am seeking a young healthy man to fulfill my mother’s dream. I am willing to pay. A generous remuneration and additional benefits, please leave a message and sign up for an interview at this coordinate. If you are the one.” When

Jason and the manager heard his dictation, their faces became very weird. Although they have not seen a similar advertisement, it should be a scam?

Su Ming asked the adjutant to 南京桑拿会所网 fill in the coordinates of a landmark building not far from here, and then found a photo of Xi’a beauty from the Internet to post it, and then asked her to start timing while publishing the news.

Then he sat quietly in his seat and smoked, the fire light made his face light and dark.

“What are you doing?” Gin rubbed his shoulder and asked curiously.

“As you can see, this is a scam advertisement.”南京桑拿楼凤网 The death knell answered her question, squeezing out the cigarette butts: “I have three purposes for doing this, Majesty Jason, can you think of it?” The

prince squinted his eyes carefully. After thinking about it, he can probably only think of one thing: “Is this taking advantage of the biological desire to reproduce to make people who see this advertisement start to imagine?”

Su Ming gave an approving smile, nodded at him, and took it out of his belt. The drink will be distributed among several people to drink and wait.

“Yes, whether it is the opposite sex or money, it is what carbon-based intelligent creatures want. I even mentioned rights, leaving a suspenseful point. All this will trigger the association of people who see this advertisement. Before I act, I need to judge whether Shia’s instincts can surpass reason, so that I can make plans for the next step.”

Gin put his chin on Su Ming’s head: “If I saw the money for a child Such unknown topics will definitely be clicked in.”

“Curiosity is also one of the instincts of crea