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“You shouldn’t have come to see me, this time is very sensitive.” The death knell came up.

“I’m just here to see what kind of person took the hammer, huh, just her?”南京桑拿夜网 A nice female voice rang out, speaking in standard English.

The death knell shook hands with the other party and lowered the volume: “You’d better go home quickly and prepare for the event of the gods’ twilight. There are still a few years left. Your brothers have arranged it?”

“The two of them, they really don’t have anything to do with my sister. What about friendship, how about you?” The woman disagreed. She leaned on the solid shoulder, raised her hand to touch the death knell’s face, and a sharp black stone slowly emerged from her hand, like a dagger.

Su Ming raised his hand and smashed the Black Stone, passing by with the woman: “I don’t have much friendship with you. In the past, it was just business. Don’t be wrong. Don’t be in a daze. Keep up with you.”

No. 1944 Zhang Da Arena

“Who is that?”

Daisy and Peter followed the edge of the garbage dump as far away as possible from the woman.

The woman in the black cloak still stood motionless, but they could feel the cold chill spreading upwards along everyone’s ankles.

From time to time, the female Thor looked back at the figure, until she entered the city, the feeling of being caught in the heart gradually dissipated, and she immediately 南京龙凤网asked the death knell the above questions.

“No one, just an old acquaintance.”

Su Ming didn’t look back, there was no need to explain to the tool man about the future plan and layout.

“It’s not an old friend, okay? Although I can’t see her face, I can feel her staring at me.” The female Thor shuddered and touched her arm: “It’s like I stole her. Home stuff is the same, that cold feeling… Is it the legendary hatred of the ex-girlfriend?”

Look around the death knell, there are many aborigines on the street, people here are popular to wear brown cloaks, all of them Like a monk:

“That is the breath of death, it has nothing to