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fied face, saw a figure falling from the sky like a superhero, and pounced on himself.

This person was bloody, looked vicious, and didn’t look back at the explosion scene. It seemed that this was a pure man

“Ah -” Feng Bujue roared inexplicably. There were too many complicated emotions in this roar. Of course, it’s mainly anger and unhappiness.

With one arm grabbed, Brother Jue clapped Randy up. 南京夜生活spa论坛 He didn’t even care about the wound. He gritted his teeth and carried a middle-aged man on one shoulder. He flew forward and asked loudly: ” Where is your home?”

“Whatwhat?” Randy asked dumbly, in a daze.

“Your home! Where is it!” Feng Bujue repeated with a single word.

“On over there” Randy pointed to a house dozens of meters away. Two seconds later, he picked up the camera and pointed at himself: “Oh God, there is a superhero to save me. “Hey.” He raised his head slightly and said to Feng Bujue: “Hey, man, what is your hero’s name?”

“Beep—” This was Feng Bujue’s response.

And Randy actually believed it. He looked at the camera again and said, “He called beep-oh! Real superhero, how cool is this!”

If it wasn’t for the mission, Feng Bujue would have killed this stuff. But he still had 江苏桑拿论坛 to endure it now.

In less than half a minute, Feng Bujue rushed to the door of Stan’s house. The door of the house was not closed, so Feng Bujue threw Randy in with a shake of his hand. He himself entered the house immediately afterwards.

While bringing the door, Jue-ge collapsed on the ground.

Within a few minutes, this series of actions has greatly reduced his survival value, and now he has reached a 13% dangerous value.

As soon as Feng Bujue entered the house, he took out the disinfectant, bandage, and needle and thread for sutures from his backpack, preparing to treat the wound on his waist.

As a very efficient person, he was not idle, just using this time to communicate with the three NPCs in front of him. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you.” Both Shelly and Shelly showed fear and helplessnes