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sn’t it that I dug Ruger?”

Big 江苏桑拿论坛 Ivan picked up the plastic box and walked into the store. Although this little Chinese brother has been in the business for a short time, he has dug up a lot of treasures in the Smolensk battlefield this year. , He also made a lot of difference from it.

Whenever I think of this place, Ivan would be extremely grateful for his kindness that he did so easily. How do you say the Chinese sentence you learned recently?

Good 南京桑拿网 rewards? It seems so.

“Do you think the Ruger pistol is a Ukrainian chick in a nightclub?

Nanjing Longfeng picked up another plastic box, and pointed his chin to the black garbage bag in the compartment: “No Ruger, not even a Ukrainian chick , but a German. There are two. ”

German, let him in the car, tomorrow I will clean up, first look at your harvest today!” Big Ivan dropped down the shutter door, took out a pair of white gloves with excitement, and turned on the lamp.

Nanjing Longfeng nodded, opened the box and took it out and introduced it: “I don’t know what brand of vodka, from a German It was found in the artillery box, and there was also a Leica camera, but it seemed to be out of use. ”

” Leica camera? “The

big Ivan exclaimed, and carefully took the sealed bag that Nanjing 南京桑拿按摩 Longfeng handed over, “Your boy’s luck is getting better and better!” ”

” Ha ha! I think so! ”

Nanjing Longfeng subconsciously touched the bracelet on his wrist, and continued to take it out: “Along with the camera, there are also two film sealed compartments. I feel that the film inside may not have deteriorated. You can find channels to see where you can get these. The film is washed out. “

Hearing this, Big Ivan hurriedly put down the camera and took over the airtight cabin and checked it carefully. “Fortunately, you didn’t open it. I will go to Old Anton tomorrow. He will definitely be able to develop a few photos! These photos may not be more valuable than the camera. ! ” ”

in addition to the camera, there are a few silver coins. ”

Nanjing Dragon