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Actually those who are familiar 南京龙凤论坛 with Brother Jue understand that he definitely didn’t guess it “randomly”.

As early as when Zhuanjiezun was forced to interrupt his last speech. Feng Bujue had already realized something must have happened to Brother Zun. And that “condition” is ten reasons-King Dianping used a certain method to block the communication between Zhuanjiezun and the players.

It is not too difficult to reason about this. 南京夜生活论坛 Because in the period after Zun brother “lost his voice”, King Dien Piao’s voice did not sound, which shows that it was busy with other things at the time

until the players entered the cave of the pirate treasure. Only then did King Dianyan begin to speak again. And this time its attitude has obviously changed. Brother Jue speculated King Dianyan might not have taken any advantage in the confrontation with Brother Zun. Although it succeeded in preventing Brother Zun from speaking any more, it must have paid a considerable price.

And the silence of King Dienyan just now was obviously for a reason. Apart from not wanting Brother Jue to take advantage of him, I am afraid there is another reason. That is it needs to divert attention to deal with a “battle that players can’t see”.

All of the above were content that 南京桑拿按摩网 had already been passed through in Feng Bujue’s mind many times. For these conclusions. He was about 60% sureConsidering that there was no real basis, he didn’t explain these inferences.

And right now, since there is a chance to test King Dianping through words, Brother Jue will naturally not let it go.

“You are really a disgusting person, you are crazy.” King Dienyao changed his tone slightly after hearing 南京龙凤网 Brother Jue’s response, “Do you know why this is?”

“Can I answer it for you?” Ruo Yu turned his head and looked at Brother Jue and whispered.

“Don’t make trouble that’s a question” Jue Ge said in a low voice with a vacant look.

He was right, and King Dienyao immediately answered: “Because you are too smart” It paused for half a second, a