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I pointed to Kalancuo, who was dazed by the lake, and she took it off 南京桑拿楼凤网 by the lake covered with pebbles. Shoes and socks, slowly walked into the cool lake water, she was like a devout believer, kneeling down in the lake, as if praying to the beast god, the waves pushed from the lake surface layer by layer. She slapped Kalancuo’s chest like 江苏桑拿论坛 a gentle kiss, and the lake water soaked her all over.

She didn’t even notice it. After a while, she got up wet from the lake, and the cool water dripped from her body. She wiped the water off her face with her hand, dripping with the water. Walk ashore slowly. At this time, the linen skirt on her body was tightly attached to her legs, and her toned thighs could be clearly seen. After she went ashore, she didn’t realize it was embarrassing. She carefully took off the long sword and found a clean rag to wipe the water stains on it.

“How? Did you find them?” I leaned over and asked Kalantso.

It just so happens that if no one is beside her, she tore off the cloth of the wet linen skirt. If the wet and cold clothing is attached to her body for too long, it will easily take away a lot of body heat, causing the energy in the body to be consumed rapidly. It’s just that she’s 南京龙凤论坛 a bit too glamorous, showing her toned buttocks and slender thighs, but she didn’t feel any embarrassment at all. She pointed her finger at the distant ridge and said, “The wind messenger told me to be on the ridge. There is the smell of orcs.”

In fact, if you are on the Pai Plateau, this situation is extremely common. The real orc female warriors are almost as bold as the male orc warriors. They even take a bath by the river without any scruples. , There is no difference between a male warrior and a female warrior. As a beast female warrior, there is no preferential treatment. They also need to carry heavy supplies and do the same thing. There will never be any preferential treatment just because she is a beast girl.

A little awkwardly avoiding my gaze, I said to Luca: “