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o much, in fact, is numb, just as a kind of background music in the game.
But this time, when he heard the song at the airport, he didn’t know why, and got goose bumps on his body.
A rush of blood rushed to the head.
For the first time, he felt this way-I want to bring back the championship for these 南京419论坛 fans!
Chapter 159 There is even more effort to become stronger. The
Champions League semi-finals were eliminated, and it was because of glory taking a yellow card.
Deborah is now particularly worried that Rongguang will be devastated because of this.
Because she thought of last season in Werder Bremen, the Champions League quarter-finals lost to AC Milan led by Kaka, glory was gloomy for a long time.
That time he was still trying his best, but it was only because his teammates weren’t able to do his best that he could not succeed.
But this time, it was because of himself.
I’m afraid this mood is even lower.
However, after two days of careful observation, Deborah found that Rongguang’s mood had not been unusual since returning from London, it was normal.
He did not become less talkative than usual, nor did he become unsmiling.
Deborah was very strange, she didn’t know how Rongguang adjusted her mentality.
But now it seems that Rongguang’s mood has not been adversely affected.
Only when he was so relieved, Deborah was suddenly shocked-why should I worry about him?
Deborah didn’t understand how Rongguang adjusted her emotions, Lucas knew. 南京桑拿会所
During morning exercises, Lucas tried to enlighten glory.
Because he also feels that Glory will definitely take the team out of the game as his own responsibility.
But he hadn’t found the right opportunity to say this, but Rong Guang said it himself first.
“Lucas, do you remember our participation in the Copa Libertadores?”
Lucas nodded, “Of course I do. But why did I suddenly think of this?”
“I just suddenly remembered that Godot once told me He said that the Copa Libertadores is the most advanced football game in South America, a