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I am not one of those coaches who have been famous for a long time. I have enough prestige to suppress. I live in the locker room. In the following coaching, I must try to avoid such a situation, so the youth army can make the resistance in the locker room less. I also know what I am good at. I am good at inspiring people, but the veteran is greasy. It’s not so motivating.”
At this moment, Gao Zheng finally seized the opportunity to intervene: “And it’s easier to inspire young people with enthusiasm?”
Di Francisco glanced at Gao Zheng, then nodded: “You That’s right.”
Gao Zheng seized the opportunity to speak again: “But coach, what do you tell me about this? I’m just a player, and you tell me so much that I’m afraid you kill me.”
Di Francisco was stunned. Then he laughed: “You are such an 南京炮网 interesting player, Gao. I tell you so much, I hope you can understand me, because I want you to be the core.”
Gao Zhengxin said that if you are a core, you do not need to be a core. Tell me so much,
but he still nodded: “Okay, I will do it.”
Di Francisco smiled happily: “Where did I just say? Yes, I learned from the pain when I got home. “I think I should be good at exploiting strengths and avoiding weaknesses.”
Gao Zheng quickly raised his hand: “Coach, I just finished training and I was sweating. Now my sweat is almost drying out. If you continue, I’m afraid I will catch a cold.”
Di Francisco said. Suddenly, he waved his hand at him, and said simply: “Yes, you go back quickly.”
When Gao Zheng went to the “Sailor’s House” in Polata to buy Focaccia again, the boss came up again. : “Hey, Gao, the training camp has started for ten 南京品茶网 days, now have you observed who the new head coach is?”
Right, Di Francisco is not like Atzori, who frequently accepts interviews with reporters after taking office. He appears in the media a lot, but others discuss him instead of saying something. what.
Gao Zheng didn’t expect that this person who kept talking to himself would 南京龙凤论坛 be blamed for reticence in the m