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y Davis, and is not willing to be thrown on the court by Larry Brown for even a minute!
Because of this kind of coach who is willing to help the players, where do you think Su Feng will look for in the future?
(Riley and others: I, I, and I!)
“Su, 南京419论坛 if you were to describe everything that happened this night in one sentence, what would you say?” At the
press conference, Su Feng and Davis joined hands and stunned. After the reporter from Los Angeles, a reporter from Boston asked Su Feng a question.
At this time, after finishing the haircut, Su Feng replied with a smile: “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept giving up.
Thank God for giving me such a good team of teammates.
Because on this night, Even at the moment when the Celtics were about to win the game, they did not give up.” I
don’t know why, listening to the soul chicken soup from Su Feng, at this moment, people just want to applaud Su Feng.
After summarizing this ecstatic but ecstatic game through a famous Kobe quotation,
Su Feng felt that on this Christmas Eve this year, he could be regarded as experiencing Christmas. 南京夜生活论坛 pleasure.
It’s just
that Su Feng, who has fallen into happiness at this time and can’t extricate himself,
seems to have forgotten a big thing.
Whether Su Feng can survive this Christmas Eve is not for the time being.
Los Angeles, shortly after the Celtics vs. Raptors game ended, the Los Angeles Lakers vs. 南京龙凤网 Philadelphia gangster game also started at Staples Center.
As a result, because before the start of the game, news came that Su Feng had once again hit the “60+” in Boston. On the Lakers’ side, Kidd clearly felt the anger from Kobe and O’Neal during the warm-up.
However, “OK” must be thankful that, fortunately, people’s attention has been robbed by Su Feng this night.
the two brothers must be autistic all day tomorrow.
in this game between the Lakers and the Philadelphia gangs…
in the first “Yao Shark Showdown” between Yao Ming and O’Neal,
I will
be the “lone h