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eng, they could also What to do?
Raptors owner Chad can no longer remain calm.
At this moment, this product is even more Cuban than Cuban.
On the court, Ratliff, who was shot down by Su Feng, had an inexplicable fear of a person for the second time in his life.
Looking at Su Feng’s beast-like eyes, looking at Su Feng’s iron fist 南京水磨会所 hammering his chest, after Su Feng continued to beat his chest and his feet,
Ratliff was definitely on the 76ers’ side, and he felt Su Feng’s anger first. That person.
At the same time, on the bench of the Raptors, the two sons of old Curry robbed
Stephen and Seth again, and followed Su Feng’s celebratory action. On the 南京桑拿论坛 sidelines of the bench, they snatched all the players from the bench. Limelight.
In the next 20 years, when reviewing this game, I noticed that the barrage of this scene said the most, without exception:
“It turns out that the Raptors’ bench does not deserve to have a name. It’s not without reason!”
On the court,
from planning the game before the game, to the present,
although Larry Brown’s expression is still calm, and although his hands have been around his chest, Su Feng used this meteor slam dunk to ignite the game. After the atmosphere of the game, Brown’s heart
began to feel a little guilty.
Well, that is, Su Feng is busy showing his brutality and has no time to take care of Brown’s inner drama.
Otherwise, Su Feng will definitely say to him:
Don’t be in a hurry, brother Die, the good show is yet to come!
Chapter 南京炮网 275 The hammer is so ecstasy and desperate to die, crying so hard (5000 words, subscription, monthly pass)
Relying on slowing and playing positions to reduce the number of offensive rounds for both sides of the game is an important part of Larry Brown’s defensive philosophy.
However, similar to the previous Knicks and Wizards,
when the Raptors used full-court defense to help the 76ers speed up, even if Snow’s style of play is stable, regardless of Brown’s words, he must speed up the dribble. H