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ist and drove his right leg to kick the football!
So far, in the eyes of outsiders, this is a direct pass without stopping the ball.
But when Rongguang’s feet touched football, the situation was different.
Rong Guang’s 南京龙凤网 right foot was stretched straight, and the back of his outer instep was heavily drawn on the left middle and lower part of the football.
As for whether football can really fly into the goal, it is beyond the control of glory. Such a shot requires a lot of luck in order to score a goal, but he doesn’t seem to be particularly lucky today?
But Rongguang has done everything he can do.
After the kick, he flew straight out of the bottom line and didn’t stop until he hit the billboard.
Behind the billboard, those Manchester United fans yelled at him when he bumped into him: “Don’t be
in vain! It’s meaningless!” “Futility, futile!”
Rong Guang didn’t even look at them, his head still twisted. Now, his eyes follow the football kicked out by him.
He saw that the football was flying towards the small penalty area line at the 南京419论坛 beginning, where Berbatov was located.
Didn’t it succeed?
The 102nd chapter is really zero angle
“Rong Chuanzhong——!” John Mortensen shouted loudly.
“Such a pass is useless” Alan Hansen sneered at Rong Guang’s foot beside him.
The ball is not stopped, and the long pass from the other side of the court is directly drawn back to the goal. Such a pass cannot guarantee accuracy at all.
Such a cross is too difficult.
Why don’t you let the football fly directly out of the bottom line? It’s both a waste of energy and
unpleasantness. Even if you are fast and strong, don’t be so self-willed, okay?
But at this moment, Alan Hansen suddenly fell silent, and his previous mockery stopped abruptly.
It was as if someone had pinched his neck suddenly, but he couldn’t make any sound with his mouth open.
Because he saw the football turn 南京夜生活论坛 a corner in the air!
The football that was supposed to fly to the penalty spot suddenly turned to the goal!