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proach of Manchester City, they believe that Benitez is deliberately releasing water.
But Benitez ignored all such criticisms.
Of course, 南京419论坛 he doesn’t have to let his team work hard for the lives of other teams.
As for whether this behavior is a release, let UEFA decide.
If UEFA thinks they are releasing water, then he admits it. Before UEFA speaks out, what 南京炮网 qualifications do media reporters have to decide whether Manchester City is doing this to release water?
Inter Milan now has seven points in the group stage, surpassing Twente by two points. It seems safe, but they are still worried about something.
If Manchester City lose to Twente away, Twente’s points will become eight points.
If Inter Milan lose to Werder Bremen again, of
course, this possibility is very, very small.
But football is round, so anything is possible.
This kind of possibility really happened!
Inter Milan, who challenged Werder Bremen away, was scored by Werder Bremen defender Pleder in the 39th minute of the game!
Werder Bremen took the lead!
At this time, Manchester City drew 1:1 with Twente in the away game.
Although Inter Milan is still one point ahead of Twente, does the ghost know how the game will develop next?
The first half was over, and the 南京龙凤网 scores of the two games remained unchanged.
At the beginning of the second half, there was good news from Twente’s home stadium, De Gerolsch, that glory scored!
He helped Manchester City lead Twente 2:1!
As long as Twente loses, no matter what Inter Milan’s side achieves, what result, Inter Milan will qualify as second in the group.
The commentator of the Italian TV station kept praising Rongguang as a player with extremely high professional ethics.
But before the news could reach the pitch, Inter Milan lost the ball.
Just two minutes after Glory scored, Werder Bremen’s striker Marco Arnotovic received a pass from Almeida and broke the goal, rewriting the score on the court to 2:0!
The Italian commentators are speechless-Rongguang has