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e useless, because the referee does not listen to him in the judgment, and will not refer to the slow motion playback of the live TV.
John Mortensen severely condemned Busquets’ behavior: “He is a very smart player, very talented, and a promising future. But the scene he performed in the game today will be his career forever. The stain! When people talk about him in the future, they will not forget his outstanding performance today!”
Alan Hansen was also very scornful of Busquets’ approach: “Where did we have such a thing when we played ? Now My players are getting more and more sissy. I thought about the Champions League semi-finals last year, when Barcelona challenged Chelsea away. Why did 南京水磨会所 Barcelona’s game focus have many controversial topics related to penalties?” In
front of the TV, those who can’t go. The Manchester City fans cheering at the scene all waved their fists and yelled continuously at the TV screen.
All kinds of unbearable swear words.
If Busquets suddenly crossed from the stadium to the 南京419论坛 bar where Manchester City fans gathered at this time, it is estimated that he would be torn to pieces by these angry Manchester City fans.
But whether it is condemned by the commentator or Manchester City The fans yelled.
Can’t change the final penalty, Sneijder will still go out.
Now John Mortensen is again worried about the future of Manchester City.
“Before this, I thought Manchester City had the upper hand and Barcelona was a little anxious. But now after one person is missing and a misjudgment has been suffered, I am worried for Manchester City. I don’t know if Manchester City’s players will be subject to this penalty. I can only hope that they will try not to be affected by the referee’s penalty as much as possible.”
“It’s hard not to be affected.” Alan Hansen poured cold water. “This penalty not only caused Manchester 南京龙凤网 City to lose one person on the pitch, but also affected Manchester City’s fighting spirit. Next, either Manchester City players were impetuous and f