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e is much worse than Sprewell. How did Callesimo 南京水磨会所 achieve “harmonious” coexistence with Ryder, but after he went to Auckland, he was almost never caught by Sprewell. You choked to death?
Or, Sprewell looks better to bully than Ryder, so Callesimo is actually a 南京龙凤论坛 bully and fearful of hardship?
On the court, Iverson went to the free throw line.
The scale of this era is really exaggerated. Ryder’s foul just now may be expelled if it is placed in the future.
Iverson made two free throws, 0 to 1.
Looking back, this time the Blazers’ singles player has become Ryder.
Harris is the weakest link in the 76ers field. Ryder relied on his physical talent to crush Harris,
but when he was preparing for a layup, Ben Wallace directly hit with a brutal iron elbow. To his forehead.
Ryder, who was smashed to the ground, lay directly on the floor, and Big Ben
didn’t receive any malicious foul on his elbow.
“This is Philadelphia! **********!
Don’t bring your set here. In this arena, whether you want to fight or group fights, labor and management are willing to accompany you!”
This is the “iron and blood” behind the scenes in the 90s.
If it hadn’t been for Ryder’s cold expression when he met Iverson, 南京炮网 Daben would not do anything under normal circumstances.
And because of Su Feng’s usual teachings, Wallace, the good guy, has already
noticed his strength just when he hit the elbow, otherwise Ryder might have to announce his retirement tomorrow.
On the side, I saw the big Ben who made his way for his teammates, let alone, Rasheed Wallace’s impression of the big Ben began to improve.
Don’t ask, ask is that the Blazers’ own players are unhappy with Leder.
This season, in addition to missing the game because of missing the team’s plane, Leidel also regarded himself as an uncle during training.
Little O’Neal is often the object of his bullying.
He likes to compete with O’Neal in mid-range shooting, and then every time he wins O’Neal, he uses a basketball to smash O’Neal in the ass.
But ever