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hen Xiao or McGrady, he was greedy.
It would be great if he was the one who picked me up!
In fact, at this time, whether it is a professional on-site or a professional in front of the TV, seeing Chen Xiao and McGrady’s pick-and-roll, in fact, their eyes are constantly brightening.
Especially the head coach of the Magic Doogries.
“If you trade Chen to Magic, TMC will have a perfect Pippen!”
“No, Chen can become Larry Bird by TMC!”
Jordan and Larry Bird’s combination!
Dou Grievous felt that this idea was really crazy.
However, Chen Xiao is indeed a perfect choice for him.
Fits with McGrady, and is his junior, direct line!
However, if you let Kee boss and Nets coach Byron Scott know that Dou Grievous’s ideas 南京炮网 must be disdainful.
It seems that Chen Xiao is not suitable for us.
I have to say that in this All-Star game, seeing McGrady and Chen Xiao’s pick-and-roll, many NBA coaches have a lot of ideas.
For example, at this time because of the vigorous and exhausted Bucks coach George Carr played in the soap opera 南京品茶网 with Ray Allen.
For him and the Bucks, Chen Xiao is definitely a very good choice.
Born in Marquette University, Milwaukee owns.
It can work so well with McGrady, and there is no problem with Michael Reid.
“If you can’t beat this kid, let him join us!”
George Carr’s eyes flickered.
On the court, the game between the two sides continued.
Chen Xiao and McGrady’s pick-and-roll successfully helped the East to reverse the situation.
20 to 20!
When half of the first quarter of the game was finished, the two sides tied and the official timeout was suspended.
Both teams have replaced their respective substitute players.
In the Eastern Conference, except for Xiao Ao and Chen Xiao who are still on the court, Yao Ming, Jordan and Tracy McGrady are all off, and the players replaced are Iverson, Ben and Kidd.
On the west side, all the starting 南京419论坛 five were off the court. The players who came up were Karl Malone, Nowitzki, Peja, Francis and Marbury.
55 to 48!
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