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anged from the Lakers to the Celtics.
Barkley’s words sounded domineering, but it was purely personal and wishful thinking.
This is going to be slapped in the face again like the previous “donkey butt incident”.
As several people talked, the shooting star game had already begun.
This year’s rules are the same as last year. There are still 6 shooting points: left and right sides at 45 degrees and 3 meters, right bottom corner three-pointers and left side 45-degree three-pointers, arc top three-pointers and midfield three-pointers.
And the four teams also PK by drawing lots.
The draw has been completed before, Spurs VS Raptors, Suns VS Lakers.
The Spurs came first.
The fans didn’t expect much of the Spurs.
When he 南京桑拿会所 played, Duncan also had an iconic dull look.
Well, maybe the Spurs don’t expect much from themselves.
But just like what Kobe said in the long article on Twitter: The interesting part of life is that in a tomorrow that you can’t control, something you look forward to may happen!
The Spurs, starting from Becky Harmon 南京水磨会所 at the very beginning, to Duncan, who was at the top of the arc, all made a single hit!
By the midfield three-pointer, “Stone Buddha” also showed off again, and the second time he shot himself into the frame.
They completed 6 points in only 30 seconds!
At the end of the game, the fans on the scene froze for a long time before they came back to their senses.
That feeling is like some classic occasion:
“It’s over?”
“So soon?”
But when I recovered, it was a violent cheer.
When you think that someone is here to make up the number, but the performance is bursting, it is full of surprises!
Sun Hao also stood up and applauded for the Spurs.
Speaking of it, the Spurs’ performance in the shooting stars is a bit similar to theirs this season.
Because of the emergence of the Celtics Big Three, fans seem to have automatically acquiesced 南京桑拿论坛 that the Lakers will play the Celtics in this year’s Finals.
But in fact, whether it is the Lakers or the Celti