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o the ground. Two people had a physical contact in the air. The slow motion replayed. Legatti raised his hand and hit Gao on the neck. This is an elbow!” Silio shouted.
Although Legatti kept complaining to the referee Ciampi who was running, this did not change Ciampi’s decision. After he stopped the game, he gave Legatti a yellow card and then a red card!
Two yellows turned one red, Legatti was sent off!
The angry Legatti still wanted to trouble Gao Zheng, but fortunately, Padua’s team still had a surviving sane teammate, who dragged him to death, did not make things more troublesome.
He could only snarled at Gao Zheng: “Dirty bastard! Floating shameless!”
He insisted that he did not foul, and all were Gao Zheng’s flops.
But the referee obviously doesn’t think 南京桑拿会所 so.
Gao Zheng, who was lying on the ground, ignored Legatti, and he slowly got up until the team doctor of his own team came up. At this time, he didn’t mind procrastinating for more time, even if the Padua fans in the stands pointed and scolded him for a flop, he didn’t care.
Nothing is more important than victory, and he just used the rules rationally.
“Damn it! Damn it!” Padua coach Canto yelled off the court. He didn’t know if he was blaming Legatti for fouling or blaming the host. Referee Qian Pi, or scold Gao Zheng.
He does have reason to scold Gao Zheng, after all, if it weren’t for Gao Zheng, Padua might be able to complete an epic reversal in this game.
Chapter 119: Calm down, give me the ball!
“The game is over! After Legatti was sent off, Padua could no longer maintain a fully committed offensive state. After 南京龙凤网 all, when they pressed the offense, they had to consider the loopholes in their defense. At the end of the game, Padua was no longer able to threaten Sampdoria’s goal! Although Sampdoria once led Padova with two goals, the tenacious Padova still chased two goals and they almost finished it. This miraculous reversal, if it weren’t for Sampdoria’s timely
arrival,” Silio commented on the game when ref