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is really “fair, open and just” in the selection.
Compared with the award selection, what Su Feng is most concerned about right now is who this year’s championship will go to.
Although the situation of the East-West match this year is exactly the same as that of Su Feng’s previous life, history has already gone wrong invisibly.
Kobe, who was the first to touch the floor of the Western Conference, is not to mention how “arrogant” these days.
This young mamba snake, now his mentality is as swollen as his hair.
The Jazz and the Lakers in the Western Conference finals once hit the sixth game before the victory was decided.
O’Neal 南京水磨会所 was not swept away like Su Feng’s previous life.
Because he was determined to prove that Kobe, who was shown to Su Feng, played extremely reasonable in this round of Western Conference finals.
It’s a pity that Jiang is still old. Harris’ tactical freedom is free, but O’Neal can’t be liberated in the end.
In this 南京夜生活论坛 way, the Jazz reached the finals for two consecutive years with a score of 4 to 2.
On the other hand, in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pacers failed to perform the wonderful scene of Su Feng’s previous life that forced the Bulls to the tiebreaker due to the 76ers’ excessive consumption in the Eastern Conference semifinals.
In the end, the Bulls easily eliminated the Pacers with a 4-1 score.
In this life, Miller is destined not to become Jordan’s “lifetime enemy”. After all, with a big score of 4 to 1, even if he talks too much trash to Jordan, in Jordan’s eyes, he is far less annoying than Su Feng. .
Last summer, Boss Joe, who has been honing his skills, is now almost annoyed by public opinion.
Because the most heated topic in the market is:
If the Bulls’ opponent in the Eastern Conference finals is the 76ers instead of the 南京419论坛 Pacers, can the Bulls win so easily?
Even if the Bulls fans are ridiculing that the 76ers will play the resurrection match on the 32nd of this month, but it is the “being beaten by Cycad”, unless Jordan can hand