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Those players who have deep feelings for Milan are full of enthusiasm. Basten is a Milanese, they think the most perfect coach, but luck is a little bit worse. I ran into a Sabato, Zhang Jun and Florence, who were in such a good 南京桑拿会所 state that they were indignant. If you switch to the previous few years, I am afraid that the second Milan dynasty would have been achieved long ago, right?
Yang Pan had seen Basten’s lonely back when facing Florence and swept across Italy madly. He was originally regarded as the savior of Milan. He replaced the incompetent Ancelotti. He wanted to create an era belonging to Milan. In addition, he recalled Zhang Jun, which he had always been optimistic about, to the team. Everything was perfect. . Later facts proved: Zhang Jun is indeed a vital figure in Basten’s plan to revive the Milan dynasty. But he chose to stay in Florence in the end. No one took the blow to Milan seriously at first, because they also had Shepchenko and Gilardino. Later, everyone began to regret it.
Fiorentina is now holding Milan in almost all 南京桑拿论坛 competitions, making Basten very depressed, and it also makes Milan’s top executives very upset. A few days ago, even some good news media said that the Milan executives deliberately hired Sabato to come over to coach. Later, although it was proved to be a fake news, but there is no storm, Basten’s life is indeed difficult now.
Yang Pan can understand how important this Champions League is to Milan and to Basten.
It has been a long time since he has received any honor, whether it is a collective honor or a personal honor. The Chinese footballer and Asian footballer have contracted Zhang Jun in the past two years. The best Italian player and the best foreign aid are also his. The European footballer is also him. Now Zhang Jun is just one world footballer. And Yang Pan only took a Chinese footballer and an Asian footballer at the very beginning, and he missed his other honors.
Before the game with Bayern, he set himself a goal, and must defeat Z