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ory was surrounded by reporters who rushed onto the court. Video cameras, cameras, microphones, and voice recorders all reached out to him.
Everyone wants to hear what the best player of this game has to say after the game.
As a focal figure, you have to enjoy the treatment of becoming the focal point of 南京桑拿论坛 everyone.
Glory is also very excited, because the team achieved a key victory, still leading Bayern Munich by six points in the standings. He knew exactly what this meant.
Now the pressure has gone to Bayern Munich.
In the next round of the league, they must first win, and then look at the results of Werder Bremen.
Excited, he couldn’t even think about how to deal with the rules of the media. He shouted at the microphone, recorder and camera: “Champions! We won’t let anyone out of the league championship!!”
He clenched his fist and shouted.
It’s like strangling the throat of fate.
But unlike Heathfield, Rongguang really grabbed something in his hand this time!
Chapter 87 What will Schaff do?
“I have to say that the process and results of this game surprised me.” In the sports news program that evening, Werder Bremen’s away 南京龙凤网 game against Frankfurt was the focus of this program.
“Yes, no one would have thought that Werder Bremen would receive a penalty kick and a red card just eleven minutes into the game!” The guest next to him, Günter Netzer, nodded and said yes. “But thank Rong, he dedicated a wonderful game for us, did not turn this game into a dull and boring game”
Now it is difficult to hear Netzer criticize glory on the show.
Because Rongguang’s manifestation is that there is nothing to criticize.
If players like Rongguang are to be criticized, it means that more than 99% of the players in the entire Bundesliga should be criticized more severely.
“Werder Bremen launched a Jedi counterattack when one person was behind in the score,” Dilling said.
However, Netzer interrupted his words just at the beginning.
“Sorry, Herald. I disagree with you. 南京夜生活论坛 It was not Werder B