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rised Gersino.
You have to know that Gersino was a deliberate foul just now, but in fact he didn’t need to do it, he just had to post it, not let the glory turn around, and force him to pass the ball back.
But he knocked the glory directly from behind.
He did this to put pressure on glory and remind him that he is not the kind of defender that is easy to deal with.
On this point, Nelson O Baptista also sees it, and he appreciates the approach of his players. Think Gersino made the right choice.
After 南京桑拿论坛 smashing Rongguang, Gersino stared at Rongguang fiercely, intending to threaten him with his eyes again when Rongguang was like a little girl seeking asylum from the referee, frighten him, and let him retreat. , When facing him in the future, he will involuntarily produce psychological pressure.
This is a simple psychological offensive that many defensive players have.
Coupled with the peculiar little moves of the South American players, it is no disadvantage.
Gersino is a master.
As a full-time defensive midfielder, Gersino’s offensive level is very bad, he is not even like a Brazilian player.
Also because of his poor offensive level, Gersino is not a major player in Flamengo.
Today’s game he was able to get the opportunity to play, because the coach Nelson O Baptista needs his defensive ability.
Among Flamengo’s defensive players, 南京419论坛 his defensive ability is still very good, and his defensive experience is rich, and he is most suitable for dealing with inexperienced rookies glory.
So he was arranged by the head coach to defend glory. Relying on him alone, using his defensive ability and experience, as well as the peculiar little moves of South 南京桑拿会所 American players to hold off the glory, this is enough.
In Nelson O Baptista’s plan, Gersino was only required to defend glory, so that he could free up more people to deal with Fabiano and Kaka, as well as Ricadini. Austrian players from Sao Paulo.
Gersino also thinks that he alone is enough and does not need other people to come up to