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, doesn’t mean we can win the championship.”
“That’s happy enough. Besides, is the championship still a problem with you?” As he said, Polata asked for it. Foca just packed. “At that time, I must go to see it!”
Gao Zheng was taken aback: “The final is at Rome’s home court, boss.”
Hearing Gao Zheng said this, Polata was taken aback first, and then frowned, “Really?”
“Can I lie to you, boss?”
Pollata pondered for a while, as if determined to say: “I still want to see it!”
“That’s Rome, boss, we are away, and the game is played at night” Gao Zheng wants to remind the boss that if he insists on going to see it, the time may not be well arranged. It is possible that he would have to stay in Rome for one night for a reserve team game, and that would be a big loss.
“I know, I will 南京品茶网 drive back straight after watching the game.” Polata said.
“It’s not a big deal, I used to do this when I was young.” Polata shrugged, “And I still have Franco.”
The boss’ son Franco, who was standing next to him, smiled at Gao Zheng.
“Drive back to Boriasco from Rome overnight?” Gao Zheng’s eyes widened.
He didn’t know how far it was from Rome to Boriasco, because he had never had such an experience. In fact, he can’t even drive a car, and he can’t imagine the experience of driving so far alone at night.
Gao Zheng also smiled back.
“The two of us took turns driving. It’s not as scary as you think.”
Gao Zheng had nothing to say: “Okay, boss. Wait to see us win the championship.”
Polata waved his hands again and again: “Don’t have too much pressure. , Gao. Just play at your usual rhythm. You and the team have performed 南京桑拿论坛 well enough. I went to watch the game just to show my support for you, not to increase the pressure on you.”
Gao Zheng said with a smile. “No, no, boss. There is no increased pressure. We were originally going to win the championship.”
When Gao Zheng left the store, his son Franco said to his father: “He looks really confident.”
Polata asked rhetorically. Son: “What do you think of th