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On the court, watching James approaching 南京水磨会所 himself with the ball step by step.
At this moment, Alston has his heart to die!
But according to Su Feng’s tips to himself before the game, after plucking up his courage, Alston still rushed towards James decisively.
Because this James has a certain ability to “bald lion cold arrows” on the perimeter, before the game, Su Feng asked Alstom to defend James, absolutely not let him have the space to shoot easily.
As we all know, on the basketball court, even if your absolute height occupies the advantage, you must have space to complete the dry draw when you shoot.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter if Alstom loses position on defense.
As long as he can harass him like a fly beside James.
At this moment, James is not very good at back-playing, and even if his basic skills are far beyond the same period in history, but this thing of technology.
Without three or five years of tempering, how can it be qualitatively changed?
However, because Alstom is very tight, so when James chooses to break through
, Alstom has nothing to do.
But as
soon as James came in, he was very vigilant and noticed something wrong.
Because all of a sudden,
Odom and Su Feng 南京龙凤论坛 joined forces to block his way forward!
No way, in the face of Su Feng and Odom, James did not dare to be reckless.
It’s just that
when he jumped to throw the ball to the outside, the awkward side of the Cavaliers lineup appeared on the court.
That is,
they don’t have a pitcher.
Standing in the high position, there was Milicic in front of the big Z.
Ricky Davis and Cadrick Brown averaged only five three-pointers per game last season.
As for Stoudemire in
this life, after losing Nash’s feeding, Stoudemire’s CIC is currently at a level that can be cast.
So, this is the reason why the Heat didn’t use Su Feng to play against James.
Because in Riley’s view
, at the perimeter level of the Cavaliers,
they simply don’t deserve the Heat to specifically target.
As long as James