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usually takes care of himself. Ren Yu could see it. He waved his hand and everyone backed out.
The fragrance of tea is still echoing on Zhang Jun’s tongue, but he has no intention of tasting tea. He is full of question marks now. “You bought Florence? Why did you buy it? You don’t want to play live FM (Football Manager game), right?”
Ren Yudi slowly put down his tea cup, not in a hurry to answer Zhang Jun’s question. “Zhang Jun, do you know? I played semi-professional football for a season.”
Zhang Jun was a little surprised.
“England C League in the 04/05 season. I played for a year in a small club called Wendy. On the one hand, I want to see if my body really can’t adapt to the intense competition. On the one hand, I want to see 南京夜生活论坛 if I still have feelings for football after so many years.” Ren Yu played the football in hand.
“Then then?”
“Then? Haha, I failed. I can only play halftime in the C league and suffered an injury. But I didn’t get nothing, I found out that I still like football. After so many years in the mall, I thought I had forgotten what it was like to play football, play football happily, play football to the fullest, and then try my best. But there, I found that feeling. The last game In the game, we fought to upgrade. Everyone worked hard. The fans kept cheering us on. I found the feeling that we were working hard for the championship together. Although we still lost in the end and did not upgrade, I think I found The most important thing is enough,” Ren Yu leaned on the sofa, closed his eyes, and muttered with enjoyment. (For the specific plot, please refer to the rumored “Journey”)
“Although I can no longer play football, it does not mean that I am insulated from football. My body does not allow me to play football with you, but my money allows me Stay with you in another way.” He waved.
“So you bought Florence?”
“Well, I gave De La Valle a lot of benefits, and he 南京水磨会所 gave up. The guy who saw the money opened up, you and Florence are in his hands There will never be a f