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e a major contribution to the country, and they may be replaced by four weeks of military training.
In the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, in order to avoid South Korea becoming the first host that could not qualify for the group stage, the government issued a special provision 南京品茶网 for the Korean men’s football team at the time to boost morale: as long as the team qualified in the 2002 World Cup group, they would qualify. In the top sixteen, all members of the team can be exempted from military service.
As a result, the South Korean team made a historic World Cup semi-final and all players were exempted from military service.
Later, because the South Korean baseball team also reached the top four of the first World Baseball Classic, they were not exempted from military service, which led to a big discussion in the public opinion. In the end, under pressure, the South Korean Military Affairs Agency exempted these baseball players from military service in 2006.
After that, athletes in other sports protested against the decision to exempt from military service and demanded that they also be treated accordingly.
The South Korean government finally issued a clause on exemption from military service for athletes, stipulating that athletes in any sport can only be exempted from military service if they achieve excellent results in major international competitions they participate in.
In the 2012 南京桑拿会所 London Olympics, the Korean National Olympic team defeated Japan in three or four finals, won the bronze medal, and the team was exempted from military service.
At the time, Twenty-year-old Sun Xingmin was playing for the Hamburg team. In order to get a better position in the Hamburg team, the Korean Football Association did not recruit him to participate in the Olympics. This caused him to miss the first opportunity to exempt him from military service.
In the Incheon Asian Games last year, the South Korean team narrowly beat North Korea 1-0 in the final and won the Asian Games again after a lap