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This is really cool.
Chen Xiao has been with Ji’s boss for the past eight days.
Learn the skills of passing the ball from the boss of Ji.
Passing attributes are different from other attributes. It depends very much on the 南京419论坛 teacher’s teaching. Wade and Ron Howard dare not teach Chen Xiao’s passing consciousness, because they are afraid that their teaching will affect Chen Xiao’s passing potential.
But Kidd is different. As far as Kidd’s passing ability is concerned, it is unlikely that Chen Xiao’s potential is higher than that of the boss.
So Chen Xiao is willing to learn, and the boss of Ji is of course devoting all his teachings.
I have to say that in these eight days, Chen Xiao’s progress is really fast.
This gave Chen Xiao an illusion that as long as he came for a few more days, his passing might be awakened.
“Sweep! We must sweep! Every opponent in the east must sweep!”
Chen Xiao is now full of fighting spirit!
On May 6, 2003, the Nets ushered in the Eastern Conference semifinals opponent at home, the Philadelphia 76ers led by Iverson. 南京品茶网
Before the start of the game, Iverson’s 18-year-old fans killed Chen Xiao’s 15-year-old fans and lost their helmets and armor, and blood flowed on the Internet recently.
Many media experts in this game want to see the excitement of Chen Xiao and Iverson.
The fans of the two companies are so busy because of the incident, will the two stars also do it fiercely?
I have to say that these people think too much.
The relationship between Chen Xiao and Iverson is still very good.
Before the game, as the host, Chen Xiao took the initiative to welcome the 76ers and embrace Iverson.
And when Iverson’s cold face hugged Chen Xiao, his face was also smiling.
Iverson has always had a good impression of Chen Xiao, because he has always felt that Chen Xiao is just as pure as a basketball player.
Since he can ignore the anger of team coach 南京夜生活论坛 Larry Brown and teach Chen Xiao to grow up on the court.
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