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But O’Neal strode to the rim 南京龙凤论坛 and smashed the ball directly into the rim through Bell.
After he dunked, he turned and smiled and looked at Battle, winking his eyes with a terrible expression.
When Sun Hao saw this, he knew that Battelle’s role as a surprise soldier was basically over.
Don’t be fooled by O’Neal’s size, this guy plays in the league by his brain!
The old Nelson also realized that after O’Neal had the ball to break through Battelle in the next round, he got up and replaced LaFrenz on the field.
“Good job.”
Old Nelson patted him on the shoulder when Battelle was off the court.
Battelle has completed the task and even exceeded expectations.
The next game will be handed over to LaFrenz.
Lafrenz came on and the game returned to the rhythm of the first game.
The difference is that the Mavericks rim resolutely contracted the rim, as well as Bell. 南京桑拿论坛
Kobe just got the ball in the frontcourt and took a look at O’Neal’s position.
“Don’t double-team, I can handle him.”
At this moment , Bell suddenly turned and shouted to his teammate who was a few meters away behind him.
This operation makes people a little confused.
“Shaq is the boss of the Lakers, you 南京夜生活论坛 are optimistic about Shaq.”
But after he said the next sentence, Kobe’s face immediately changed.
After going through the regular season, he has been wary of Sun Hao’s attack.
So when Sun Hao repeated his old tricks in the first game, he chose to ignore it.
But tonight, the reporter inadvertently reminded, and then to Bell’s words just now.
If he can ignore it anymore, then he is not Kobe!
“Boy, you said you can handle me?”
Kobe’s eyes were already full of fierce light.
“Haven’t I dealt with you?”
Bell said nonchalantly.
What he was referring to was naturally the first time the two teams played against each other in the regular season. He defended Kobe’s two consecutive attacks at the last moment, including the game where the ball was tied.
Kobe heard Bell’s answer and waved his hand to pull awa