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career point gained from completing a 30-point achievement.
With these two professional points, Chen Xiao still did not hesitate, and added these two professional points to his CIC attribute.
In this game against Cincinnati, although the opponent’s defense was not strong, Chen Xiao has also made Chen Xiao feel the sweetness of a stronger CIC attribute.
After the improvement of CIC’s attributes, the improvement of his CIC’s stability is in various aspects!
If possible, Chen Xiao even wants to improve his CIC attributes to the extreme!
南京品茶网”If my CIC attribute reaches 100, even in the face of NBA-level defense and being swayed by the defense, I can still have a certain shooting rate?”
This is the future, is it true? Chen Xiao does not know.
Now after Chen Xiao added 2 career points to CIC, Chen Xiao’s personal attributes have changed again.
Speed: 70+ (70)
explosive power: 85+
bounce: 60+ (60)
flexibility: 70+ (70)
balance: 60+ (60)
endurance: 65+ (65)
strength: 60+ (60)
free throw: 70+ (70)
China Investment
Player evaluation: D+ (a basketball player with rough technique, excellent CIC and explosive power.)
Corporation : 80+ not only changed personal attributes, but also Chen Xiao’s systematic reviews.
From’good investment ability’ to’excellent investment ability’.
Although it was only a two-point improvement, from an evaluation point of view, Chen Xiao’s CIC ability has completed a level leap.
“According to 南京419论坛 the setting of martial arts novels, I can now be regarded as getting through the two
lines of Ren and Du ?” Chen Xiao thought with some ecstasy in his heart.
In fact, Chen Xiao didn’t know whether he had opened up the second line of Ren Du or just advanced.
The NCAA does not have so many strong opponents for Chen Xiao to test his current strength.
Wade and Ron Howard are teammates, although they can be fierce, but in fact, there is no way to really do everything to him.
However, in any case, the strength has been increased again, and the leap-forward g